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My Role

Product Designer


7 Stakeholders: 4 Cross-Functional Partners, 2 Engineers, 1 Designer

Timeline & Status



Deliver a natural language search powered video management tool to be competitive in the security market.


Ted, the SOC Operator Is Monitoring Alerts When Someone Reports a Missing Laptop

Here is footage of the crime scene.

User Research

In conducting a persona analysis, nuances between user needs depending on their title, role, and industry vertical were noted.
There were a series of structured interview calls over zoom.

Ted, the SOC Operator monitors & dispatches individual alerts.

Philip, the SOC Manager oversees alert trends & makes policy changes.

Rehan, CSO, oversees security operations on a global level.

Persona Usage Frequency Meter

Most Often

Least Often

All customers have a common set of metrics they want to know around their alerts.

ie: Top 5 Alerts, Average Number of Alerts

Different verticals prioritize different alerts.

ie: Enterprises care most about "Tailgating"

Design and Product Development

Design and Product Development

Design and Product Development

Philip's Biggest Security Threat is Unresolved Tailgating Alerts

Tailgating is also the alert that has potential to pose the biggest security threat — an unidentified person could enter the building, leading to theft, or even an active shooter incident…

How Might We

Provide actionable insights for Philip to understand and resolve the root cause of his high volume of tailgating alerts.

Redesigned Workflow

A 7-step workflow was developed to allow varying personas with differing analytics needs to create custom dashboards and observe trend insights.

Philip Discovers The Highest Volume of Tailgates Happen Around Lobby Doors

Upon reading insights from his newly created dashboard, it is brought to Philip's attention his #1 offending alert this quarter is Tailgating. He has his team put up "No Tailgating" signs in each lobby to see if it will make a difference.

Upon Comparing Month over Month Tailgating Data, The Number of Alerts Have Decreased

A dip in the tailgating trend line signals to Philip that simply adding "No Tailgating" signs up in the lobby can make a difference. He did not need to staff additional guards, saving his organization labor costs.

Interaction Design

Create a New Dashboard

Filter for Priority Alerts

Customizable Visualizations

Usability Testing

The original experience put the onus on customers to create and populate their newly created charts manually. The customer success team noticed a pattern between their accounts; the charts customers were requesting were all similar.

Improved efficiency: By automating the process of pre-populating charts with data, you're reducing the time and effort required for customers to use the product, which increases efficiency for the customer and lowers customer support costs.

Customer Feedback & Validataion

The customizability of the dashboard has allowed us to tailor the analytics to our specific needs and make more informed decisions.

Visual & UI Component Design



A successful feature launch and an opportunity to open up new avenues for collaboration between physical security providers and technology companies, leading to new innovations and advancements in the field.


Customers were able to resolve alerts 25% faster, leading to a more productive and secure security organization.

Customer Success

Customer success members were able to use the time manually answering customer data questions to handle more accounts.


Increased revenue: By improving the user experience and functionality, the company may be able to attract new customers and increase retention rates, leading to increased revenue.

Metrics and Quantifiable Results

15 Onboarded Customers

15 Onboarded Customers

4,000 Total Sessions

a +15% from 3,5000

45 Exports

45 Exports


Philip championed our product onto his next role!

Challenges & Obstacles


  • Scope creep & prioritization around limited resources

  • How to provide an experience where the right charts are preemptively loaded because it costs money to render.


  • Defining the scope of the project and determining which features to prioritize amongst a wide range of user needs


  • Stakeholder alignment

The Future

Spatial Analytics

Security Operations Dashboard

PACS Analytics